Art and culture

The Emmental is rich in traditions, and eager visitors will find many opportunities to learn about them. Castles, churches and museums bear witness to the region's history.

Gotthelf, Dürrenmatt and Gfeller – the region's best-known writers leave their mark on open-air stages, films and museums.

Castle Museum Burgdorf

Once home to the dukes of Zähringen, the castle now provides insight into the history of the town and its surroundings.

Kulturfabrik BIGLA

A relatively new venue for theater, concerts and other cultural events.

Kupferschmiede Langnau

With an eclectic program of events so rich in variety, the Kupferschmiede is well known even beyond the region – "the hall for all."

Museum of Ethnology, Burgdorf

The Museum of Ethnology houses high-quality artifacts spanning the time from early American cultures up to the daily life of today's Indian peoples.

Regional Museum Chüechlihus Langnau

The history of the Emmental, its industries, handicrafts and significant people is displayed in the Chüechlihus, one of the region's oldest buildings.

Museum Franz Gertsch

The Museum Franz Gertsch exhibit encompasses nearly the complete works of Franz Gertsch from the period 1987 to 2004.

Helvetian Gold Museum Burgdorf

The Helvetian Gold Museum chronicles how gold was recovered from the streams around the Napf, plus other interesting facts about the precious metal.


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